Gorilla Glue's newly expanded line of glues and tapes are the perfect gifts for the handy person who seems to have everything.

Give the gift that keeps on fixing

Gorilla Glue’s newly expanded line of glues and tapes are the perfect gifts for the handy person who seems to have everything.

 The Gorilla product line includes:

Gorilla Glue®:  The adhesive that started it all.  Gorilla Glue is known for the outstanding bonding power and ability to stick to almost any surface.  Gorilla Glue is 100 percent waterproof and dries completely non-toxic.  The original Gorilla Glue formula is available in 2oz., 4oz., 8oz., 16oz., and 36oz. sizes.  Word to the wise—we think the 2oz fits best in a stocking!
Gorilla Glue® Dries White, 2X Faster:  The same bonding properties as Gorilla Glue but in a formula that dries white.  With a clamp time of only 30 minutes, this formula allows you to move on to the next project twice as quickly.  Gorilla Glue Dries White, 2X Faster is available in a handy precision pen format and standard 2oz. bottle.
Gorilla Tape®:  Gorilla Tape has double the amount of adhesive as other duct tapes.  The adhesive easily sticks to rough and uneven surfaces like brick and stucco, which others cannot.  The all-weather shell also provides Gorilla Tape with the UV and water-resistance necessary to stand up to the outdoor elements.  Gorilla Tape is available in 12yd., 35yd., Handy 1″ roll, and NEW Tough and Wide roll!
Gorilla™ Super Glue:  This instant glue will change your previous opinions about super glues.  With tiny rubber particles, Gorilla Super Glue offers unmatched impact resistance.  This impact resistance allows the project to stand up to the bumps and bangs of everyday life.  Use on rubber, paper, wood, metal, ceramics, most plastics, and all of your quick fixes.  Gorilla Super Glue is easy to use and dries in 30 to 60 seconds.  Also there is a hidden metal pin inside the cap to keep it clog free and fresh for the next fix.
Gorilla™ Wood Glue: As a Type II P.V. A. wood glue, Gorilla Wood Glue offers a stronger traditional wood glue option.  Gorilla Wood Glue offers versatility for use on hardwoods, softwoods and natural wood composites.  Non-toxic, water-based, and solvent free, Gorilla Wood Glue is safe for the entire family.  It also easily cleans up with water.
Gorilla™ Epoxy: Gorilla Epoxy, five minute set, is a strong and durable adhesive solution, complete with gap-filling capabilities.  It is water and solvent resistant and withstands high temperature extremes.  Gorilla Epoxy works well on a variety of surfaces including:  metal, wood, stone, plastic, and more.  With an easy-to-use syringe mixing the two part formula is a breeze.  Mix it up with Gorilla Epoxy!

Gorilla products offer the peace of mind of a secure fix, tough solution, and powerful adhesive bond.  They also make the perfect gift this holiday season.  Gorilla products are available at retailers nationwide.