Grasshopper announces new compact zero-turn mower for 2013

The Grasshopper Company recently unveiled a new compact zero-turn mower: Model 126V-52. Model 126V-52 maintains the same professional-quality craftsmanship as all other Grasshopper mowers, with features that include a fully hydraulic, integrated pump-and-wheel-motor transmission; a 26-hp. Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf engine (with an extended 3-year engine warranty); a 52-inch-wide, 5.5-inch-deep cutting deck with foot-pedal and drop-pin height adjustment; large, turf-style, drive tires; and a fully cushioned, Cordura-covered seat with padded armrests. Model 126V-52 provides the agility of a zero-turn mower with a compact size able to maneuver in tight spaces without the fatigue of a walk-behind mower. The compact unit is well suited for landscape contractors who maintain small-acreage and confined areas, as well as ranchers, farmers and rural lifestylers who want to maintain lawn areas around their homesteads. Its small footprint also allows for easy storage in garages or small outbuildings. Combined with a best-in-class 300-hour transmission fluid change interval — with no break-in period — self-tensioning belts and no more than 5 grease points, Model 126V-52 is designed for less maintenance, low cost of operation, extended service life and long-term value.

The Grasshopper Co.