The Grasshopper Company is celebrating its 40th anniversary a message of sustainability and eco-friendly products.

Grasshopper celebrates 40 years with a message for a sustainable future

A 40th Anniversary campaign initiated in October by The Grasshopper Company tied free trees to a message of sustainability and eco-friendly products.

‘Strong roots for a sustainable future’ was themed by the company at the GIE+Expo in Louisville, Ky., through the presentation of Meyer Spruce trees. Packaged in re-usable shopping tote bags, the trees and the message were a major draw with attendees who swarmed their booth for the offer.  Formed in 1969, Grasshopper originated the swing-out dual control levers found on most zero-turn products today.

“With a conservative yet impactful approach, Grasshopper was able to remind visiting dealers and customers that it is ‘40 years young’ in 2009 and committed to sound and sustainable business and environmental practices,” stated company Marketing Director Ruthanne Stucky.  “The tree symbolizes Grasshopper’s development of strong roots through environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, as well as the development of strong branches through innovation which holds the promise of future growth in the lawn equipment industry.  Grasshopper’s commitment to sustainable ecological practices will help ensure both the tree, and the company, thrive in an environmentally healthy world.”

“Our message wrapped around the free tree emphasizes how a quality product goes a long way toward maintaining an ecological balance.”

Appearing in its 26th consecutive lawn and garden expo in Louisville, Grasshopper is recognized as the early adopter of conservation-friendly manufacturing processes which include:

Use of recyclable powder-coat paint (since 1987)
Recapture and reuse of all metal scraps for casting
Emphasis on plant cleanliness and flow of production processes to ensure maximum  safety for employees and quality of products
Use of Computer Aided Drafting/Computer Aided Machining (CAD/CAM) system integrated with a 3-D solid modeling computer design system to optimize use of material and production resources

Attributes engineered and built into Grasshopper products help promote conservation with features such as:

1,000-hour oil change intervals on Grasshopper drive systems, which run cooler to last longer, saving time and reducing waste.
Mulching and vacuum options for every mower which allow recycling of clippings and return of nutrients to the soil.
Quiet- and clean-running, Tier 4I compliant engines, including diesel, that reduce greenhouse gas and noise emissions.
Long-lasting components and construction built into every Grasshopper which allows for many years – even generations – of product use.

“Forty years has provided a significant window to see that Grasshopper offers something special: a quality that is consistent and sustainable over generations,” added Stucky.  The third generation of family ownership is now closely involved in product development.