Gravely rounds out zero-turn mower lineups with larger-deck options

On March 14, Gravely launched two zero-turn models in already-existing series. For its Pro-Turn series, Gravely introduced the 72-inch X-Factor II deck to the market. In addition, Gravely also unveiled a 60-inch deck option for the Gravely ZT XL prosumer line of zero-turn mowers. Both decks round out the lines’ offerings, and bring larger, more efficient solutions to professional landscapers and prosumers. Specs of the new models are as follows:
* Gravely Pro-Turn with X-Factor II 72-inch deck: The new X-Factor II 72-inch deck, available on the Gravely Pro-Turn 200 and 400 series of commercial zero-turn mowers, was designed to create a higher quality cut and is up to 30 percent more efficient than previous 72-inch deck versions. Most notably, the front wall of the new deck was pushed forward, creating more room for grass to travel without interfering with the flow of the blades. The roomier design moves debris more efficiently, allowing the machine to handle larger volumes of material while reducing blowout. Under the deck, rounded rear baffles reduce choke points, and notched blades allow grass and air to flow more freely. With the increase in grass flow, a wider discharge chute was incorporated for more even dispersion. The improved front deck wall profile, in conjunction with a larger adjustable blowout baffle, reduces the amount of blowout and aids in suction. By increasing suction, the deck pulls grass and debris into the deck, so they aren’t blown out onto the operator. “The new X-Factor II 72-inch deck brings our Pro-Turn 200 and 400 zero-turn mowers to customers who need to maintain larger open spaces,” said Gravely Product Manager Trae Humphries. “The new decks on these machines operate much more efficiently than the old models. New blades and a pushed-out front wall allow the Pro-Turn to produce a great cut without the deck bogging down the rest of the machine.”
* Gravely ZT XL with 60-inch deck: Complete with all of the same features as the new ZT XL models, the ZT XL 60 was designed to provide a solution for customers with larger properties requiring a wider mowing deck. Powered by a 24-hp. Kawasaki FR engine, the ZT XL 60 boasts 20-inch by 12-inch rear tires, integrated ZT-2800 Hydro-Gear transmissions, dial-adjust height-of-cut, and a foot pedal lift deck for ease of use. “When we designed the ZT XL, we wanted to create a mower with advanced features for true prosumers and entry-level landscape contractors, so we looked at the ZT X and took it a step further,” said Jeralyn Braun, Ariens Company product marketing manager. “With the 60-inch deck, we’re able to reach more entry-level landscapers looking for a deck option that allows them to complete their large jobs faster. The machine’s fully fabricated deck and welded, tubular steel frame is built with Gravely toughness to tackle any job, no matter how big.”
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