GreenIQ Flow Meter now shipping

What goes on underground is just as crucial to maintaining a lush landscape as what goes on above ground. In fact, U.S. household leaks attributed to more than 1 trillion gallons of water wasted per year, according to Alliance for Water Efficiency. To give lawn care professionals and garden lovers current and accurate irrigation information, IoT startup and smart wireless irrigation controller, GreenIQ, is announcing the immediate availability of its latest Smart Garden Hub accessory, the Flow Meter, a new volumetric water measurement sensor that notifies Hub customers of irrigation anomalies through a series of alarms to optimize management while dramatically improving water savings.

Many irrigation controllers on the market today only measure water usage in units of time, rather than by volume, making it difficult for lawn care professionals and garden lovers to accurately measure water consumption. Available for immediate purchase in the U.S., Europe as well as Australia via the GreenIQ online store, GreenIQ’s new Flow meter provides users daily and weekly water usage data in gallons or liters, allowing greater visibility and control of water consumption as well as easier detection of sprinkler faults and system anomalies. Other key benefits include:

  • No More Problem Pipes – No longer will gardeners and homeowners need to worry if a pipe is having ongoing flow issues. The GreenIQ Flow Meter keeps tabs on watering habits and detects inefficiencies, so that customers can more accurately monitor water consumption and pipe performance while maximizing water savings.
  • Real-time Visibility – By connecting the flow sensor in line with the irrigation pipe, data is transferred instantly, informing the user via real-time alerts and regular notifications via the GreenIQ’s Pro app.

“Our mission is to make irrigation management more efficient and precise, while helping customers to conserve water, save money and improve the overall health of their green spaces,” said Odi Dahan, CEO at GreenIQ. “With our new Flow Meter, landscape specialists and gardeners have the ability to truly see how their irrigation systems are performing in real-time so that pipe breaks and other flow irregularities can be resolved instantaneously.”

GreenIQ’s Flow Meter comes in two sizes, ¾” and 1”, and is priced at $54 and $76, respectively.