Area homeowners and business owners who are concerned about the environment and the cost of irrigating their properties now have a helping hand, GreenWave Associates. 

GreenWave Associates are accredited professionals offering efficient irrigation design, proper scheduling, water conservation and cost savings for clients, including homeowners, property managers, municipalities, park systems, school systems, colleges and business owners.

GreenWave Associates is owned by Principals John Sullivan and Wes Maxwell, who have a combined total of 25 years of experience in the irrigation industry.  Sullivan is a Certified Water Conservation Manager and a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.  Maxwell has provided onsite irrigation technical services for facilities and golf courses in six states and the Bahamas. Both are IA Certified Irrigation Contractors and EPA WaterSense Partners.

“Between recent drought conditions and population growth, management of our water supply is more crucial than ever.  Add to that the cost of water and the environmental impact, smart water management should be an essential component of any business’ or homeowner’s budget.” said John Sullivan

“A direct result of water conservation can equate to a substantial dollar savings for the end user, as well as highlighting an individual or company as environmentally conscious.” added Wes Maxwell.

Specific GreenWave solutions include master planning, irrigation designs, central computer programming, irrigation system management, efficiency audits and water conservation analysis.

Sullivan and Maxwell are committed to providing smart water management solutions that are socially responsible and fiscally conservative by partnering with landscape architects and contractors, builders, and public and private property managers to design and service all types of irrigation systems.