Greenworks Commercial lithium-ion-powered string trimmers

Greenworks Commercial introduced three new additions to its award-winning 82-volt string trimmer product lineup: the new 82T16 brushless front motor string trimmer, the 82TB16 brushless bike handle string trimmer and the 82TB18 brushless bike handle string trimmer.

The 16- and 18-inch bike handle trimmers use an ergonomic-friendly design for max comfort and utility in mind, allowing professionals to tear through a large area of property with superior maneuverability and less stress on the arms. The balance and directional “steering” make both the 82TB16 and 82TB18 ideally suited for tackling tall grasses and weeds in larger open fields and common areas.  For stubborn weeds and brush, both the 82TB16 and 82TB18 come standard with a brush cutter blade, as well.

For trimming in tighter spaces, the new front motor 16-inch loop handle trimmer is created for optimum power and precision. The 82T16 uses its front motor design to deliver energy directly to the cutting head without having to transfer through the shaft, making it a powerful option for smaller space trimming.

“As lithium-ion powered trimmers become a ‘must-have’ part of landscape crews’ daily tool arsenals, we wanted to offer more highly-customized options that can tackle a wide array of jobs and meet all the varied ergonomic preferences of crew members,” said Tony Marchese, commercial business unit leader for Greenworks America. “With our two new bike handle trimmers, the 82TB16 and the 82TB18, and our new loop handle front motor trimmer, the 82T16, we are proud to now offer landscape pros more lithium-ion powered trimming options than they’ve ever had before, allowing them greater ability to tailor their tools to specific jobs and preferences.”

Powered exclusively by the company’s 82V lithium-ion battery, all of Greenworks Commercial’s trimmers guarantee that landscape professionals can get even the most rigorous of trimming jobs completed with time and cost efficiency.  In addition, the elimination of harmful fuel emissions and the significant reduction in noise pollution that comes from using lithium-ion powered OPE creates a safer, healthier and more pleasant work experience for users.

The new Greenworks Commercial 82T16, 82TB16 and 82TB18 are available now through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, PACE and Steven Willand independent dealer networks.