Greenworks Go Green

Greenworks hosts event on sustainable landscaping practices

Greenworks Commercial and Community Landscape Services hosted a “Let’s Go Green Together” event to showcase how battery-operated products can help increase sustainability and reduce emissions.

The exclusive event included several community leaders, developers, property managers and school board directors within the D.C. Metro area, allowing guests to experience Greenworks’ most innovative, world-class battery-powered equipment and learn about the importance of this equipment for local Homeowner Associations (HOAs). 

The future is green, and that future is now 

The event included education on the current state of regulations concerning gas-powered equipment. With gas-operated landscaping equipment producing significant amounts of pollutants impacting the environment and humanity, battery-operated landscaping equipment creates an alternate, cleaner option for beautifying neighborhoods and abiding by HOA requirements. 

As the push for sustainability is moving rapidly throughout different regions of the U.S., the need for zero emissions is a significant topic of discussion. The California Legislature, for example, passed a law requiring new landscaping equipment sold in the state to be emissions-free beginning January 1, 2024. Several states, including New York, are considering adopting California’s law banning gas-powered landscaping equipment. U.S. professional landscaping companies using gas-powered equipment must consider how these laws will eventually impact their business. 

Revolutionizing battery 

Greenworks has powered sustainability since its inception in 2002, electrifying the industry with unique, state-of-the-art battery-powered equipment for anyone from the average gardener to the commercial landscaper. 

With expansion from China to the United States, this global company has transformed landscaping equipment by embedding Intelligent Power in nearly every product, allowing equipment to run faster, stronger, and longer than its gas counterparts with zero emissions. 

Lean, green, cost-saving machines 

Greenworks produces a full line of 82V battery-powered products, trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, UTVs, pole saws, and batteries and chargers that the attendees of the “Let’s Go Green Together” event were able to see in person.


Some of Greenworks’ newest products include OptimusMC, a 20-foot-long mobile charging trailer equipped with a 26kWh built-in lithium-ion battery, and the powerful zero-turn mower, OptimusZ, now produced in their brand new technologically advanced manufacturing facility located in Morristown, T.N. 

“Greenworks Commercial, under our 82V ecosystem, offers the most extensive product range of all manufacturers, our portfolio serves every application without producing carbon or noise emissions. The product platforms represent a great solution to commercial homeowners, big or small,” said VP of Product Management and Marketing at Greenworks Commercial Per Kvarby.

Greenworks’ battery-powered products provide users with an overall lower cost of ownership by eliminating the use of fuel and frequent maintenance and can help HOAs meet zero emission and sustainability goals. For more information, visit