Greenworks showcases product lineup, introduces UTV

By Abby Larson


Greenworks recently showcased the expansion of its award-winning lines of cordless outdoor power equipment, along with the introduction of the brand-new CU 800 lithium-ion utility vehicle.

At a recent press event at the company’s North Carolina headquarters, Greenworks employees emphasized the impact of battery-powered products versus gas in terms of cost, environmental impact and user-friendliness.

Tony Marchese, Commercial Business Group Leader for the Americas, sees this endeavor into battery-powered products as an opportunity to open new doors to OPE dealers interested in carrying the brand.

“These products have been designed specifically for distributor dealers. In a lot of cases, dealers are looking for new streams of revenue and new customer bases, so it will be interesting to see the response to our products,” he said. “One of our goals is for customers that might not have seen our products to see them in stores, and eventually have that lead to new customers being drawn to the stores specifically for Greenworks products.”

The latest spread of products was developed with the landscaper and homeowner in mind. From the 82V 16-inch brushless trimmer to the all-new CU 800 lithium-ion utility vehicle, this new group of products offers something for everyone looking to expand and improve their outdoor power equipment lineup.


While each product has made an impact on the market, Marchese foresees a select few in particular making waves in the industry.

“The GBB 700 Backpack Blower has received a lot of interest. It’s an exciting solution for landscapers looking to transition to lithium-powered products,” Marchese said.

The CU 800 lithium-ion-powered UTV marks not only the first of Greenworks’ endeavor into the powersports segment, but holds the distinction of being the first commercial-grade UTV powered by a UL-certified lithium-ion battery. Many dealers saw a pre-production model at the 2018 GIE+EXPO in Louisville.

The new developments in the company are exactly in line with what CEO Yin Chen had in mind for the battery-powered side of the business. With the positive feedback the company has received so far, Chen is pushing the company full-speed ahead with a continued focus on the burgeoning market.

“When we first started the business back in 2004, we were putting a lot of our focus primarily on electric powered units and only some on battery products,” he said. “Now, all of our focus is on battery-powered. As a result, we’ve become the number one battery company in OPE in North America. We are also leading in Germany, France and much of Asia. You could say that we are the leading company in battery OPE worldwide.”

Greenworks also announced that it will serve as the exclusive global sponsor of Earth Day 2020 in the Outdoor Power Equipment category in celebration of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary.

“We will continue expanding the family of products that consumers can use with their specific voltage they’ve chosen with a Greenworks battery,” said Marchese. “We pride ourselves on having the widest line under the voltage platforms that we serve, and we are going to continue to bring out new products that, once they have the battery in the charger, they will begin to look at our other products and see how they can compliment their lifestyles. We have a plethora of products in the pipeline that I think they’ll be able to take advantage of.”