Greenworks AiConic Mower

Greenworks unveils AiConic robotic mower

Greenworks Commercial released the AiConic robotic lawn mower featuring RTKVison technology.

RTKVision combines satellite-based navigation with advanced cameras and sensors. This breakthrough technology eliminates the need for boundary wires, making installation and troubleshooting a less stressful experience.

The RTKVision system utilizes a reference antenna that communicates with satellites, ensuring continuous connectivity even in challenging environments like large trees or structures. If the mower loses satellite signal, its vision technology takes over, allowing it to complete mowing with ease.

Features of the AiConic mower include:

  • Mowing versatility: Capable of mowing up to 2.5 acres of grassland, regardless of grass type, and adjustable cutting heights from ¼ to 4 inches.
  • Systematic mowing: Achieve a striped lawn with rows of precision mowing, a feature enabled by RTK technology.
  • Object avoidance: Equipped with cameras and sensors for object detection, prevent damage to items in the yard.
  • Zone creation: Define separate areas in yards with varying conditions or grass types, allowing the mower to transition between them, even crossing driveways without damage.
  • Silent operation: Mow at night without disturbing neighbors.

The Greenworks app provides complete control over the AiConic mower, including setting virtual boundaries, scheduling mowing times, cutting heights and tracking the unit’s location for added security. The fleet management connectivity within the app simplifies the control of multiple AiConic units for landscaping companies.

The AiConic robotic mower offers a reliable solution for both residential and commercial use. Professional landscapers can benefit from labor shortage mitigation and reduced operational costs, making it an efficient and profitable addition to landscaping businesses. This innovative development will make its debut in spring 2024.