Hawk Equipment’s new Utility Tree Truck is designed for use as a chip truck, an open top dump, a flat bed and an urban log truck. The crane has a capacity of 2,250 pounds at 28 feet 8 inches, 3850 pounds at 15 feet 5 inches, and stows behind the cab with the grapple. Lid removal is a one-piece pick with the crane from a single lifting point. Logs can be loaded and lid replaced, saving multiple trips or trucks on the job. The truck can also be used as an open top dump for debris removal, etc. By removing both sides in two picks with the crane you now have a flat bed with bulk head type body. Uses include planting material, tree spray rig, material handling of pallets of stone or railroad ties, etc. Install log bunks and you have an urban log truck. Contact Hawk Equipment Corp. at 877-591-5855 or via e-mail at info@hawkequipmentcorp.com