Monrovia outdoor living guide

Help your customers make the most of outdoor living

Outdoor living customers are taking life outdoors this month. Now is the time to help them create the outdoor spaces they’ve been dreaming about. Monrovia is offering two resources to take their garden to the next level. 

Monrovia’s new Outdoor Living digital guide is a great way to spark creativity and increase sales of shrubs, tropicals and perennials. This free, downloadable guide features five beautiful landscape designs from award-winning illustrator and landscape architect Lisa Nunamaker. It offers layout ideas and easy plant selection options for each design to create everything from outdoor dining and water features to entertaining spaces and a place to relax and recharge. Download the Outdoor Living guide here:

Monrovia’s on-demand webinar brings the digital guide to life with a fun discussion on creating inviting outdoor spaces. Lisa Nunamaker joins the Monrovia team to explain easy-to-follow design techniques and offer ideas for using color, form, and texture in the garden.

“This webinar and digital guide can help your customers create magical moments in the garden,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer and trend spotter at Monrovia. “Our discussion goes beyond just choosing features and furniture. We dig into the power of a well-designed garden and its ability to create a feeling in your outdoor space. These are tips and tricks you can pass along to your customers to help them choose just the right plants to create structure, add comfort, and lift their mood.” Tune in to the webinar here:

Spend a few moments in the garden with us on Monrovia’s YouTube channel. You’ll find this conversation with Lisa Nunamaker and many other inspiring plant videos, timely tips, and answers to many common garden questions.