Janet Moyer Landscaping (JML), a full service residential landscaping company in San Francisco devoted to sustainable practices, announced that Michael Hofman, the company’s executive vice president, has officially passed the Irrigation Association’s (IA) examination earning the designation of Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC).  

A CIC is an professional who contracts to install, repair and maintain irrigation systems, and must conduct business in such a manner that projects meet the specifications and requirements of the contract. Within the past year, Hofman also completed the California Landscape Contractors Association’s (CLCA) Water Management Certification Program and the IA Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor certification.

According to CLCA, many Californians overwater their landscapes by more than 50 percent.  Effective water management is not only good for the household budget, but it also enhances landscapes for greater enjoyment and contributes to increasing property values.

Janet Moyer Landscaping has been at the forefront of applying new technologies referred to as “smart water management” systems to residential landscapes.  While ordinary irrigation systems cannot adjust to changing weather conditions, new systems use “smart controllers” that draw information daily from weather stations and automatically schedule irrigation based on individual landscape needs and local weather conditions. JML has been installing and managing these systems in client landscapes since 2005.