Honda CO-minder

Honda Power Equipment launches CO-minder advanced carbon monoxide detection system across entire generator lineup

Honda Power Equipment is equipping all models in its portable generator lineup with CO-minder, a new advanced carbon monoxide (CO) detection system designed to help protect users from injury or death from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. The Honda CO-minder system continuously measures carbon monoxide levels in the air near the generator and automatically shuts down the unit before detected CO reaches a dangerous level. 

Generators must be used outdoors and away from windows and doors to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and deadly gas. Even outdoors, if there is no wind, it is possible for CO to accumulate to life-threatening levels in certain locations.

Honda Power Equipment will roll out the CO-minder technology on existing generator models throughout 2020, starting in July with four models — the EU1000i and EU3000iS Super Quiet Series inverter generators for work, home, and recreational applications; the Economy Series EG4000 open-frame unit for home backup and workplace power; and the EB10000 Industrial Series generator, the company’s flagship model. By the end of this year, all Honda portable generator models will feature the CO-minder carbon monoxide detection system.

The Honda CO-minder carbon monoxide detection system incorporates a robust, fast-reacting sensor that continuously monitors for carbon monoxide in the air near the generator. If the sensor detects a CO level at or exceeding 800 parts per million (ppm) at a given time, or an average of 400 ppm for 10 minutes (per Portable Generators Manufacturers’ Association [PGMA] G300-2018 standards), it triggers the generator to shut down automatically. A safety light on the main panel notifies the user that a buildup of carbon monoxide caused the generator to shut down.

Honda designed the CO-minder system to be fast-acting, reducing nuisance shutdowns from false positives. Slower CO sensing systems must respond to dangers at a lower CO concentration in order to react in time to shut down the generator. Lower, temporary concentrations of CO can occur in certain conditions, such as when a gust of wind blows exhaust back toward the sensor, creating a false positive, a shutdown, and an inconvenience to the user. Honda CO-minder is an improvement over those systems.

The Honda CO-minder carbon monoxide detection system is built with a comprehensive range of safety features. The system is not intended to be overridden or tampered with, and the sensors are designed to work even if they are accidentally blocked. The sensors, with the widest temperature operating range of any existing CO monitors for generators, match the design running temperatures of Honda generators, allowing for use anywhere in the U.S. Both moisture and dust resistant, the sensors are designed for years of use. Further, the generator sensor system automatically tests itself and is equipped with a built-in warning, alerting the user to replace the sensors prior to end of life. Finally, the sensors conform to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) PGMA G300-2018 quality standard established for carbon monoxide monitors for generators.

“At Honda, Safety for Everyone is our commitment to incorporate industry-leading safety features into all of our product lines, whether outdoor power equipment, cars, motorcycles, or jets,” said Will Walton, vice president of Honda Power Equipment. “Our CO-minder carbon monoxide detection system is designed to help ensure that everyone who operates a Honda generator can do so with increased confidence, providing users, friends, and families with reliable, portable power and peace-of-mind protection.”