Honda eGX

Honda unveils the Honda eGX

Honda Engines launched the Honda eGX, an advanced electrified power unit and the company’s first battery-powered motor designed to be incorporated into OEM power equipment products for indoor and outdoor use. Honda Engines, a business unit of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., offers a complete line of small, general-purpose engines for industrial, commercial, rental industry, and consumer applications.

The new Honda eGX is the world’s first Honda GX-quality commercial motor that can be interchanged with a Honda GX internal combustion engine on selected outdoor power equipment.

Honda designed its new Honda eGX motor for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the heavy-duty industry who want to provide battery-powered options to their customers. Honda engineering and testing, coupled with quality manufacturing and system integration, give OEMs easy entry to the battery-powered market without investing in the engineering and funding required to develop their own motors. The initial applications for the Honda eGX are for rammers (model GXE2.0S) power trowels and vibratory plate compactors (model GXE2.0H) used in the construction industry; future applications are projected to include hydraulic power units and compressors. Additionally, a number of other commercial applications are being tested in various market segments. 

“The Honda Vision for 2030 encompasses creating and ensuring the joys of helping people make their lives better. The new Honda eGX is aligned with this vision, representing the Honda R&D strategy to balance technological innovation, performance and environmental sustainability in Honda products and operations,” said William Walton, vice president, Honda Power Equipment. “Today’s environment is shifting supply and demand toward zero emission products. But reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions is only part of the picture: battery powered power products must meet rugged performance standards required by owners while making the equipment easier for operators to use. With this new, advanced electrified power unit, Honda is supporting OEMs in commercial markets in their efforts to meet increasingly stringent regulatory standards while expanding their portfolios with strategic developments such as developing more battery powered products; enhancing service offerings; and expansion, collaboration and partnerships with customers and suppliers.”