The vast majority of residential and commercial water consumption is used on landscape irrigation. Installing Smart controllers, which typically cut landscape water use in half, is one of the easiest ways to avoid overwatering.

This month, Horizon Distributors’ BizPro eSources highlights the features and benefits of Smart controllers and offers resources, including flyers, a PowerPoint presentation and more to help irrigation and landscape professionals promote Smart controllers to their customers. Irrigation and landscape professionals can even download a calculation worksheet that will help them determine customers’ actual savings with a Smart controller.

“It’s a proven fact that most homeowners and property managers run their sprinkler systems too long, throwing money and water down the drain,” said Mary Martinez, director of marketing, Horizon Distributors. “Smart controllers automatically shut off sprinklers at the right time. This means less water use and less money down the drain. An investment in a Smart controller often pays for itself in just one year.”

Smart controllers use sensors and weather information to manage watering times and frequency. The controllers then adjust irrigation run times in response to environmental changes and apply the correct amount of water to landscapes, reducing erosion and wasteful runoff and promoting healthier turf growth.

“This month on BizPro we want to give our customers resources they can use to increase their knowledge of Smart controllers,” explains Martinez. “When customers visit BizPro, they’ll find tools, tips, resources, a PowerPoint presentation and more to help them become experts in selling Smart controllers to their customers.”

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