Horizon Offers Business Development Series for Landscape Professionals

Horizon’s Business Development series is a three-hour seminar designed specifically for the green industry professional. Presented by industry-expert Kevin Kehoe, the class focuses on best practice solutions to help you operate more efficiently while expanding your business into more profitable programs and services.

“Horizon offers their customers more than just professional products at competitive prices,” said Horizon’s Vice President Phil Stephens. “We see our customers as business partners. Let’s face it; the best way for us to be successful is to ensure that our customers are successful. That is our focus every day – to help our partners be more profitable.”

From June through September Horizon will be offering these classes at store locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. Topics include profitable pricing practices, marketing to attract new customers, successful selling tactics, purchase planning, equipment management, and efficient solutions for billing and accounting.


The schedule for the summer is:

June 24 –Seattle

June 25 –Portland

June 26 –Spokane/Hayden

July 9 –San Diego

July 10 –Riverside

July 11 –Las Vegas

August 5 –Menlo Park

August 6 –Pleasanton

August 8 –Sacramento

September 9/10 -Phoenix


For more information or to register to attend, please visit www.horizononline.com.