Houston Landscapes Unlimited Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Dean Carpenter is in the real estate, environment, logistics and beautification business. It takes just one company to do it all. With more than 120 employees dispatched to service approximately 500 properties with a fleet of 37 trucks, Houston Landscapes Unlimited has matured into a highly sophisticated business enterprise. The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Looking back on his first quarter century in business, Carpenter, president and CEO of Houston Landscapes Unlimited, said he could not be more proud of what the company has accomplished. The company helps its customers, which include planned community developments to commercial properties of all sizes, create and maintain lush gardens and picturesque environments.

“We are proud of the role we play in cultivating an urban ecosystem that helps to moderate temperatures, clean the air of pollutants, maintain property values and enhance the Houston area’s livability,” said Carpenter, who started the business as a one-man operation mowing lawns. “After 25 years, it’s clear that there will always be more to learn, with more interest than ever in creating beautiful outdoor environments that are more natural, water efficient and sustainable.”

Last year, Carpenter earned certification as a Landscape Irrigation Auditor. The professional development initiative helps customers beautify their properties while staying on the leading edge of reducing waste and improving efficiencies.