Howard Leight Launches Online Hearing Protector Selector with New Web Site

Howard Leight takes hearing conservation to the next level with the launch of its new global The new site offers visitors a 360-degree experience in fit, selection, protection and motivation, with a variety of content and technology, including product information, best practices in hearing conservation, as well as a Hearing Protector Selector.

“The new marks a tipping point in Hearing Conservation,” said Renee S. Bessette, marketing manager for Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC. “We are committed to becoming a safety manager’s partner in managing their program, and our new site offers everyone the freshest tools to make hearing conservation happen.”

The new site was developed based on user feedback that identified the need for a more comprehensive online experience. Howard Leight responded by incorporating more in-depth product knowledge and selection resources, and turnkey motivational tools for use in any hearing conservation program.

The new site incorporates more user-friendly navigation, including tabbed pages, breadcrumb trails within sections, and an enhanced site search functionality.