Hunter chlorine-resistant ICV-R reclaimed water valve

Hunter introduced a robust new ICV-R reclaimed water valve. Specially designed for optimum performance in reclaimed water systems, the ICV-R is engineered with ultra-durable, chlorine-resistant materials perfect for non-potable water applications.

Reclaimed water systems are becoming more common, and they generally contain high concentrations of chlorine and other contaminants that expedite the degradation of irrigation valves. Exposure to these chemicals lessens the valves’ effectiveness and shortens their overall lives in the field.

“With the ICV-R, contractors and landscape designers have a powerful tool built to withstand the unique wear and tear caused by contaminated, highly chlorinated water,” said Daniel Hunter, Product Marketing Manager. “This allows them to pursue more reclaimed water projects.

As an update to our popular ICV valve, the ICV-R has all the features and benefits of its predecessor, but has been optimized for reclaimed water use. The diaphragm is made from tough, chlorine-resistant EPDM rubber, which significantly lengthens the valve’s field life. Filter Sentry comes standard with the ICV-R, keeping the diaphragm filter screen free of debris often found in reclaimed water. In addition, the purple flow control knob and ID tag allow for easy field identification.