Hunter Industries welcomes Warren Gorowitz as director of corporate social responsibility

Warren Gorowitz will join Hunter Industries on August 12, 2019, after two and a half decades at Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply. Gorowitz most recently led Ewing’s sustainability efforts and has been instrumental in spearheading sustainability programs throughout the green industry, including controller recycling programs, ground-level work with the EPA’s Watersense program, and development of the Water and Sustainability Innovation Award, presented by Ewing and Audubon International. Additionally, Gorowitz served as the 2018 President of the Irrigation Association.

“Through advocacy, community outreach, stewardship, and employee education and engagement, Warren led key initiatives to build sustainability as an integral part of Ewing and our culture,” said Douglas W. York, president and CEO of Ewing. “Warren’s been a part of the Ewing family for 25 years and I’m proud of the opportunity he has to join the Hunter family to further elevate sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the green industry. We are looking forward to building upon our continued partnership with Hunter, especially in areas of corporate social responsibility.”

In addition to leading Hunter’s corporate social responsibility efforts, Gorowitz will direct Hunter’s industry relations activities.

“Warren has shown remarkable leadership in sustainability initiatives at Ewing, the Irrigation Association, and the industry at large,” said Greg Hunter, CEO of Hunter Industries. “I know he will build on Hunter’s strong legacy of sustainable manufacturing and corporate social responsibility, working with great partners like Ewing and others to further sustainability initiatives in the green industry.”