This year’s Global Green Space Report explores people’s relationships with forests, parks and gardens around the world. The findings reveal cause for both concern and optimism, and give inspiration for the future.

The results converge in a simple statement: Green Spaces are good for us; we would benefit from visiting them more often than we do — and so would our children. However, the time we spend in Green Spaces is actually declining, and so is our knowledge about them. What does that mean, and how can the decline be reversed?

Since 2010, the Husqvarna Group has been producing the annual Global Garden Report — exploring important trends, insights and topics related to gardens. In 2012, Husqvarna added parks and other Green Spaces within the urban environment, and in 2013, Husqvarna has expanded the scope further to include forests. Therefore, the report has been renamed the Global Green Space Report.

The report consists of a global survey, as well as interviews with several experts and innovators. The survey was conducted throughout November 2012 in nine countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden and USA. Responses were gathered via a digital questionnaire, stratified according to gender, age and geography in each market. In total, 4,676 individuals over the age of 18 (at least 500 per market) responded to the questionnaire.

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