Husqvarna introduces two backpack blowers at GIE+EXPO

Husqvarna unveiled several new products at GIE+EXPO 2011, including two powerful backpack blowers for professional landscapers.

The 570 and 580 backpack blowers pack a punch, with 236-mph and 206-mph air speeds and 770-cfm and 908-cfm air volumes, respectively. Both frame-mounted and tube-mounted models are available.

Husqvarna has overcome one of the greatest design challenges of creating more power without adding additional bulk by increasing the efficiency of the fan. Other improvements include the formed backpad to provide the operator with greater comfort for long periods of operation.

“We’ve been able to boost the output of the blower without sacrificing quality or durability,” said Gary Cooler, Husqvarna product manager.

Additionally, with Husqvarna’s new large, commercial-grade air filter, the engine can work for longer periods between maintenance. The extra-large fuel tank also allows more time for blowing instead of filling.

The throttle lock allows operator to set throttle speed without maintaining finger pressure on the trigger.

All models come equipped with X-Torq engine technology that utilizes dual intakes — one for the clean air and one for the fuel-air mixture. First, a barrier of clean air presses out the burnt gases, then the fuel-air mixture is flushed in. The result is a more powerful engine, up to 20-percent reduced fuel consumption, and a drop in emissions of up to 60 percent, compared to conventional two-stroke engines.

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