Husqvarna T5412iXP Top Handle Chainsaw

Husqvarna lunches T542i XP and 542i XP battery chainsaws

Husqvarna announced the T542i XP and 542i XP, the world’s first battery chainsaw with a clutch. Designed for arborists and tree climbers, the new chainsaw features an innovative centrifugal clutch – giving users kick-start energy and excellent cutting capacity. The battery powered saw gives low noise, vibration and hassle, without any CO2 emissions during use and without compromising on efficiency. The new chainsaw comes in two versions, a top-handle T542i XP and a rear-handle 542i XP.

The new battery chainsaw is a powerful and reliable machine that features a clutch, which provides operators with increased power, smoother workflow and a more enjoyable day in the treetops.

The clutch allows for smoother starts and stops, which provides kick-start energy in each cut and improved efficiency in stop and start sequences.

Additionally, the new chainsaw is equipped with more power for increased cutting capacity and improved design that gives even better sawdust removal.

“We are excited to introduce the world’s first battery chainsaw with a clutch. This new product is a result of our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing arborists and tree professionals with the best tools for their job. With the clutch, additional power and improved design features, arborists can work more efficiently, while the option of a top or rear handle provides flexibility and convenience.” said Martin Håård, product manager battery saws and accessories, Husqvarna.

T542i XP/542i XP will be available for purchase through authorized dealers, both top and rear handle will start to roll out globally in August 2023.


Centrifugal clutch – For kick-start energy in each cut and improved efficiently in stop and start sequences.


Rim sprocket – A flexible and durable solution that simplifies changing to other equipment.

Improved clutch cover – Optimized sawdust removal for less clogging and fewer interruptions.

Handle heating  – An option that keeps your hands warm for comfort and focus.

Two chain options available – SP21G and SP33G, smooth and extremely efficient for precise cuts.

Digital oil sensor – Gives you a heads up to fill up chain oil when needed, reducing chain wear.

High chain speed – Fast cuts and less risk of splinting wood for better, more efficient results.