Husqvarna unveils 80-plus products, makes bold declaration

For the second consecutive year at GIE+EXPO, Husqvarna introduced more than 80 products, increasing its 2009 catalog to 157 pages of products ranging from chain saws, trimmers and leaf blowers to zero-turn mowers, garden tractors and walk-behind mowers and a large selection of outdoor safety apparel and accessories.

Husqvarna firmly believes its Total Source selection of products helps dealers limit their number of vendors and allows them to focus their efforts on what makes them money — selling to and servicing their customers. The company announced that it will continue to support its dealers with its all-year plan that allows them the flexibility to order what they want, when they want — eliminating booking programs. Husqvarna also announced that it will continue to back its dealers with 100-percent funding for its successful “Master Your Great Outdoors” national advertising campaign in 2009.

“Our bold declaration is to be rated the best OPE company to do business with,” said Dave Zerfoss, president of the newly formed Husqvarna Professional Products Inc.

Knowing that today’s customers are looking for quality products that are more innovative, Husqvarna continues to develop new ideas and designs to improve product performance and ergonomics, while reducing environmental impact. For example, Husqvarna’s X-TORQ technology is incorporated into many products to deliver increased power while reducing emissions up to 60 percent and decreasing fuel consumption up to 20 percent. Husqvarna also introduced many green products at GIE+EXPO, including the Automower Solar Hybrid and Automower 230 ACX fully robotic mowers, TB 1000 battery-powered cultivator, and 540 Novolette and 54 Exclusive push reel mowers — all of which run without the use of gasoline. In addition to the aforementioned green products, Husqvarna’s new products for 2009 include the following:

• Four Husqvarna Utility Vehicles (HUVs): Two new four-seat Husqvarna Utility Vehicles (HUVs) — the HUV4421GXL (23-hp. gasoline powered) and HUV4421DXL (20-hp. diesel powered); limited edition model of the 2-passenger HUV4421XP; and HUV4414 with a 14-hp. gas Vanguard engine in four-wheel or two-wheel drive options

• Sixteen new residential zero-turn mowers in its Estate (EZ) Series, Residential (RZ) Series and Landowner (LSZ) Series. The EZ Series is designed for homeowners with two to four acres, the RZ Series for homeowners with one to two-and-a-half acres, and the LSZ Series for homeowners with one to two-and-a-half acres who want upgraded features over the RZ Series.

• Nine new hydro walk-behind mowers with fixed and floating deck designs ranging in size from 36 to 61 inches and commercial-grade Kawasaki V-Twin engines from 15 to 23 hp.

• Three new 22-inch walk mowers: Husqvarna expanded its LS Series walk mowers with the additions of the 7022FLS, 7022RLS and 8522RLS. Designed for lawns up to a half-acre, these 22-inch models have ergonomic features such as user-friendly height adjusters, three-position handles, DualTrigger AutoWalk, and an easy-to-remove-and-replace bag.

• Two new articulating riding mowers: Husqvarna Rider 175 and Rider 175 AWD (with all-wheel drive) include a rear-mounted 17.5-hp. Briggs Intek engine and a 41-inch stamped Combi deck.

• One propane-powered mower: The LZ6131LP is a propane-powered mower with a 31-hp. Kawasaki engine and 61-inch cutting deck.

• Three new lawn and garden tractors: Husqvarna unveiled two new XLS models and a YTH2242 model. The 2146XLS has a 46-inch deck, 21-hp. V-Twin engine and hydro pedal transmission, and the 2354GXLS boasts a 54-inch deck, 23-hp. V-Twin engine and a ground-engaging pedal-controlled hydro transmission. The YTH2242 is a yard tractor with a 22-hp. Briggs Intek engine, pedal-controlled hydro and a 15-inch high-back seat.

• EnviroClip Combi deck: Available in 52- or 61-inch options on the compact iZ series or full-size LZ series zero-turn mowers, this deck features a deep, optimized shape with smooth, rounded corners that pulls and holds grass clippings above the blade for multiple cuts to reduce the size of the discharged clippings. The design then forces these ultra-small clippings down into the turf where they decompose as valuable nutrients. The resulting appearance of a mulched lawn is similar to that of a collected system with a clean, finished cut with almost no visible clippings.

• New professional chain saw: The 576XP features a redesigned cylinder and crankcase that makes it a half-pound lighter than previous models (14.5 pounds), yet provides more horsepower (5.7 hp.).

• New chain saw feature: Husqvarna added its TrioBrake chain brake system, which provides slow kickback protection for the user, to the 445e (homeowner) and 346XP (professional) models.

• 50th anniversary edition chain saw: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Husqvarna chain saws, the company is offering a special anniversary edition of the 450 chain saw. This 3.2-hp. chain saw will include an anniversary kit with a soft carrying case, anniversary cap and special logo bar.

• Two homeowner chain saws: The 435 and 440e model chain saws offer optimal performance, including easy starting and handling. Both feature X-TORQ engine technology, LowVib and Air Injection. The 440e includes a tool-less chain adjuster.

• Three new brushcutters: The 335FR, 343FR and 235FR brushcutters deliver powerful performance and increased efficiency for landowners and professionals. The 335FR has a 2.2-hp engine and 8,400-rpm maximum speed, the 343FR a 2.7-hp. engine and 9,000-rpm speed, and the 235FR a 1.8-hp. engine and 9,000-rpm speed.

• BE 550 bed edger: With a 5.5-hp. Honda engine, this edger can be used for shaping landscaping beds, as well as for installing edging, pet fencing, landscape lighting, paver bricks and landscape ties.

• Two new hedge trimmers: The 226HD60S and 226HD75S professional hedge trimmers feature X-TORQ technology.

• Two new string trimmers: 128C (curved-shaft) and 128L (straight-shaft) models have reduced emissions, vibration and noise, making them ideal for extended use and homeowner comfort.

• Professional backpack blower: With its low weight (less than 30 pounds) and high air speed (201 mph), the 180BF combines power and performance.

• K750 power cutter with Oil Guard feature that helps ensure that the machine is only operated with the proper oil and the correct mixture.

• New snow throwers: The new LS and XLS snow thrower series for landowners and professionals, respectively.

• Two new accessories: Construction helmet system and reduced-weight chain saw bars.

• Five new wearables: Expanded line to include fire protective pants, fire protective wrap chaps, tech shirt, double-thick sweatshirt and baseball cap.

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