Developed as a complement to Hydro-Rain’s 1-inch, 3/4-inch and 1/2-inch PVC-Lock fittings, these slide repair fittings allow immediate and flexible in-line PVC system sprinkler repair. And fittings reduce traditional installation times more than 50 percent by eliminating the need for primer and glue. Fittings are IGC 300-2013 rated by IAPMO and are rated for mainline use. Push-fit connections make wet/dry installations possible with no wait time for full system pressurization. Slide repair fittings have high-impact ABS plastic bodies with stainless-steel retaining rings and EPDM rubber O-rings. Fittings are 360-degree rotatable once fitted into position. The release tool fits around the PVC pipe and can be gently positioned between the fitting retaining teeth and pipe for fitting removal.