HydroLogic Hc3 Smart System

HydroLogic, a Minneapolis-based turf irrigation distributor, is empowering consumers to protect our most precious resource, one lawn at a time. The new Hc3 Smart System is a lawn irrigation system that dramatically reduces water usage for lawns, and saves consumers money in the process.

Many homeowners are unknowingly overspending by hundreds of dollars a year when it comes to water usage. Those who replace an old irrigation system will benefit from savings in water bills each year by implementing an Hc3 Smart System. It reduces the water used by a traditional irrigation system by up to 40 percent.

 “Our dealers’ intensive water conservation training has prepared them to serve our communities in water conservation efforts this spring,” said Tom Rausch, vice president of sales for HydroLogic. “As an expert in the Hc3 Smart System, I’m excited to see homeowners experience the benefits of this concept on their lawns and in their communities.”

Documented studies prove the average household wastes on average 8,000 more gallons of water than necessary each month by overwatering their lawn, and subsequently watering streets and sidewalks. This is equivalent to turning on a faucet wide open for more than 24 hours.

The new Hc3 Smart System gives homeowners a chance to be proactive in conserving water. “Just a 10 percent improvement in irrigation efficiency could conserve enough water to double the global amount available for drinking,” said Neil Wilson, chairman/CEO for HydroLogic.

The Hc3 Smart System ensures the right amount of water is applied to the right place at the right time. It also takes into account slopes, shaded areas, concrete and other variables on the property. Hc3 Smart Systems are constructed, installed and maintained by highly trained Hc3 organizations. They are available locally in markets throughout the Midwest. Once installed, each system undergoes a rigorous third-party audit.