IA celebrates another successful Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Month 2018 was a huge success. From all of the great social media posts on Technology Tuesday to state proclamations declaring July Smart Irrigation Month, there was no shortage of engagement throughout the month. A few noteworthy highlights are as follows:

Smart Irrigation Month video contest

This new video contest was a fun way to get people thinking about the meaning behind smart irrigation. Congratulations to Water Ketch Sprinkler on its winning video.


Technology Tuesday

On Tuesday, July 10, the industry came together to kick off Smart Irrigation Month 2018 with Technology Tuesday. It was a full day of promotional activities that included updates from the Irrigation Association (IA). The IA announced its 2018 award winners and released its own video of staff sharing what smart irrigation means to them.



Social media & other promotions

Individuals, companies and water providers joined the IA in sharing posts using #smartirrigationmonth. The newly created “Smart Irrigation is…” graphics were a huge hit on social media this year. The IA was thrilled to see others share what smart irrigation means to them. The goal this year was to leverage Smart Irrigation Month to reach a larger audience and tell the smart irrigation story. IA saw an increased focus on raising awareness about how efficient irrigation affects everyone.

This focus on raising awareness continued with nine city and state proclamations declaring July 2018 Smart Irrigation Month – including the City of Calgary, City of Edmund, City of Medford, City of Oklahoma City, Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina and Oregon.

In addition to sharing why smart irrigation matters, many companies and water providers leveraged Smart Irrigation Month to promote specific irrigation technologies and practices. Companies used creative marketing materials for new products and the promotion of product rebate programs. The IA will continue to provide downloadable Smart Irrigation Month logos and graphics to help with marketing efforts.


Thank you for rallying behind Smart Irrigation Month for another year! The month encompassed diverse activities while maintaining one consistent message: efficient irrigation. Let’s build on this momentum and continue communicating the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services year-round.