ICT Organics Announces New Line of Products

ICT Organics announced several new products:

1-2-3 Hydro-Seed is a special bacterially dominant formulation to enhance turfgrass establishment and growth in hydroseeding applications.


1-2-3 Tree alters the microbial balance more in favor of fungal species and is intended for woody plant applications such as transplanting and soil injection. Fungal symbiosis has been shown to enhance protection from pathogens, increase drought stress tolerance, and improve uptake of macro and micro nutrients.



1-2-3 MycoTea  is a fungal dominant compost tea product that is very effective at increasing fungal numbers in the soil it also contains dense populations of both endo- and ecto-mycorrhizal fungi, these have been scientifically shown to be beneficial to over 90% of plant species.



1-2-3 NPP (Natural Plant Protection)  is a naturally occurring, multilink chain polymer that increases soil water holding capacity, enhances the activity of anti-pathogenic bacteria and fungi, proteins to increase biological activity in the soil. Helps protect landscape plants by thickening cell wall lining.


ICT Organics’ online ordering system is now active at http://www.ictorganics.com. Registration is necessary as ICT Organics sells only to professional lawn and landscape firms and wholesale distributors.