Ideal Pre-Filled Wire Connectors Help Landscapers Safely Finish Summer Projects

Landscapers challenged to find ways to safely connect electrical wiring underground or anywhere moisture, humidity, dirt or corrosion is a problem will appreciate Ideal WeatherProof and UnderGround wire connectors.

These easy-to-apply, twist-on connectors are pre-filled with a non-hardening, silicone-based sealant to safeguard wiring from damaging corrosion, moisture or fungus. UL listed to 486D for use in damp/wet locations, both connectors eliminate the need for heat-shrinking conductor splices, using messy resin packs, or installing multi-step corrosion kits.

WeatherProof connectors

Ideal WeatherProof connectors provide the perfect wiring solution for decorative patio or deck lighting, outdoor power outlets, and other applications requiring a tough, weatherproof connector.

Ideal WeatherProof connectors handle copper wire sizes from #22 to #6 AWG, plus they feature color coding to indicate the applicable wire ranges.

Gripped swept wings help to minimize stress on fingers and wrist with no pre-twisting required. Because the connectors are pre-filled, there is no faster, easier way to safely connect wires exposed to rain or damp locations. The shell is rated to 105°.

UnderGround connectors

Ideal UnderGround connectors will handle wire combinations as small as #20 AWG to as large as #8 AWG. Connectors are color coded to indicate their wire range. Use them with confidence to connect direct burial and wet location electrical wires installed for landscape lighting, valve control boxes or lawn sprinkler systems. No pre-twisting is required, saving the user time. The shell is rated to 105°.

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