AZUSA, CA—Rain Bird’s new MDC2 Two-Wire Decoder Based Controller represents the company’s next generation of two-wire central control.  Its enhanced benefits offer contractors the ultimate in two-wire decoder scheduling flexibility.
The Rain Bird MDC2 Two-Wire Decoder Based Controller can support from one to 200 decoder addresses and completely manages contractors’ landscape and turf needs by operating as a central controller for all decoder-based irrigation functions.  With its two-wire, decoder-based communication construction, it’s ideal for multi-phase projects where the two-wire cable can be capped for future expansion.  Located throughout the irrigation system, the decoders act as simple and reliable switching stations. The decoders work like conventional satellites but are simply installed in valve boxes with valves and wiring, making them unobtrusive and protecting them from weather and vandalism.

Improved features of the new Rain Bird MDC2 Two-Wire Decoder Based Controller include improve resistance to electrical surge and lightning strikes, increased resistance to water intrusion, streamlined user interface, and enhanced flow sensing capability, which increases the number of flow sensors from two to 10. The seek-and-eliminate-unexpected-flow feature detects and isolates valves with high- or low-flow while continuing to run the unaffected valves as scheduled. 

The new Rain Bird MDC2 Two-Wire Decoder Based Controller also includes increased points of connection for irrigation systems’ water sources. Now the Rain Bird MDC2 Two-Wire Decoder Based Controller can operate up to nine booster pumps or master valves, allowing for 10 total points of connection.

In addition, the Rain Bird MDC2 Two-Wire Decoder Based Controller is compatible with the Rain Bird FREEDOM remote control system.  This feature allows users to access and operate the MDC2 Controller system from remote locations either through cell phones, land-line telephones or hand-held radio. Such easy access to the controller means contractors spend less time on system check-ups and troubleshooting since they’re able to adjust the controller from wherever they’re located.

“The new elements available in the next generation of Rain Bird’s MDC2 Two-Wire Decoder Based Controller offer contractors a water-saving, efficient solution for in-field central control,” said Bernie Malonson, Rain Bird central control product manager. “The MDC2 Controller’s added benefits make this decoder-based system easy-to-install and cost-effective.  It’s an attractive alternative for contractors seeking improved methods of monitoring their central control irrigation systems.”