Intelligro answers the call for weed-free lawns with less active ingredients

Intelligro, the lawn care and agriculture operating brand of Suncor, introduced Civitas WeedFree brand concentrate. It is a hybrid selective herbicide with Microtechnology that delivers the performance the market needs with fewer active ingredients, no offensive odor and a fast response rate.

“Increasing environmental regulations coupled with consumer demands are driving the need for a hybrid solution that provides the best of both worlds,” said Oriana Persechini, category portfolio manager, Intelligro. “The introduction of Civitas WeedFree brand concentrate means that lawn care operators and landscapers can now choose an affordable product that effectively kills over 60 listed broadleaf weeds without harming lawns.”

The patent-pending Microtechnology minimizes the proven three-way mix of active ingredients while maximizing their efficacy through enhanced penetration of the product into the plant. This provides several benefits for both the applicator and customer. The fast-acting absorption and reduced active ingredient formula results in no offensive odor and visible injury on weeds within 12 hours. In addition, the white emulsion produced when sprayed identifies areas that have been treated, eliminating duplication of efforts and reducing call-backs. These features help lawn care operators and landscapers protect their bottom line while delivering on increasing customer expectations.

Civitas WeedFree brand concentrate is currently shipping within the continental United States, except California.