Individuals outside the U.S. and Canada now have the opportunity to take IA certification exams in their home countries via computer-based testing. This decision was recently made by the IA Certification Board in response to an increasing demand from international markets, specifically in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

All exams will be in English using U.S. Imperial units. The IACB is looking to convert the different exams to metric over the next several years based on demand.

Exams will be available via computer-based testing at testing centers through Kryterion, IA’s testing company. Pricing for exams outside of North America can be found in the certification handbook. Individuals certified internationally will need to comply with all IA certification renewal policies, including the requirement to earn 20 continuing education units per every two-year cycle.

“Considering the lack of irrigation programs abroad, many international professionals have reached out to IA for access to our well recognized certification program,” said Sherrie Schulte, IA certification director. “The IACB is dedicated to extending Select Certified offerings to international professionals and is looking forward to increasing global opportunities for becoming certified.”

For more information on IA’s certification program, contact Sherrie Schulte, IA certification director.