Introducing TYGARLights: turnkey systems for installing holiday lighting

To address a growing demand for professionally installed lighting services, TYGAR has developed TYGARLights, a comprehensive business opportunity for contractors to get into this lucrative business. Starting with complete training and including sales & marketing products, lead generation, and specialty lighting products, the TYGARLights system allows contractors to quickly and easily add lighting services to their existing business. With a long history of helping contractors launch new ventures, TYGAR brings focus, simplicity and efficiency to the task of starting a successful holiday lights business. Unlike other providers, TYGARLights is not a franchise and doesn’t require ongoing fees; however, the program will generate sales leads immediately and offer an instant web presence to the contractor. Most contractors, and especially landscapers and concrete contractors, experience a slowdown in the fall, right when the holiday season begins to heat up. TYGARLights provides the perfect way for these contractors to make great money during this period.

The market for lighting installation services, especially Christmas lights, has grown rapidly in recent years. With the hectic nature of the holiday season, and the expertise required to install a quality job, homeowners and businesses are turning to true lighting professionals to install their illuminations. TYGAR’s systems are designed to meet this demand with a very focused set of training, sales & marketing, and implementation products for lighting installs. Plus, TYGAR has developed the “RAPID START” program which allows contractors to launch their sales and marketing within a few days. The system will also provide access to high quality, commercial-grade lighting products, at discount prices, which the contractor can order by project in order to save money and avoid costly inventories.

For more information, call TYGAR at (888) EZ-TYGAR or visit or for a complete information package on starting your business venture.