IronCraft Terminator tree and stump remover

IronCraft, LLC introduced the Terminator tree and stump remover, a skid-steer and compact track loader attachment with enough clamping power to uproot trees up to 12 inches in diameter and remove any size stump.

An ideal addition to any landscaping arsenal, the dual 3.5-inch x 4-inch bore cylinders have a clamping force of 29,000 pounds, allowing quick and easy removal of shrubs and trees along with their roots to prevent regrowth. The Terminator has 66 total AR400 teeth, 32 of which are horizontal and 34 are vertical, and a replaceable 1” x 8” cutting edge. Using the 5/8-inch vertical teeth to saw upward through the roots allows an operator to easily sever the root ball. The 1-inch horizontal teeth can then clamp onto the trunk. Rocking the machine back and forth while pulling upward allows an operator to uproot the tree. Designed to handle tough jobs, the Terminator gives soil a fresh start by breaking up the root system. They are ideal for landscape contractors, arborists, tree farmers, contractors engaged in residential or commercial construction, rental facilities and more.