The Irrigation Association is growing its Select Certified certification program with the development of an entry-level certified irrigation technician program. The technician exam is slated to be available by the 2013 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Austin, Texas, Nov. 4 – 8.

The IA Certification Board will be completing a job analysis, working with a focus group of current industry professionals to define the specific knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the technician job.

A survey will be launched in early 2013, aimed at individuals within the industry to confirm the focus group’s criteria. Shortly after, the IACB will develop a detailed content outline for the technician exam.

“The IACB is excited about this development, as the program is something the industry is currently missing,” said IA Certification Director Sherrie Schulte. “It will be a great addition to the IA certification program.”

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the IACB is also be exploring the idea of adding a new entry-level ag certification to the Select Certified program.

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