Irrigation Consultants & Control, Inc., a Plymouth, Minn.-based firm specializing in award-winning designs for highly water-efficient irrigation systems and professional water management services, has changed its name to Water in Motion, Inc.

“Water in Motion encompasses our existing water-efficient irrigation operations and our strategy to expand engineering services that promote water efficiency beyond irrigation to residential, commercial and public agency clients in the years ahead,” said Timothy Malooly, president. “We also feel the Water in Motion name and new Web site is distinctive, memorable and inviting.”

Malooly noted that Water in Motion continues to offer the same core services:

Irrigation system design and consulting
Water use analysis and planning
Highly efficient irrigation system design and construction management
Water capture protocols including rainwater harvest and grey water re-use

Irrigation technology and water management
SMART control and consumer applications
Computer central control for commercial and industrial applications

Education in efficient irrigation
Professional development
Certification education
Consumer education
Public policy development

Water in Motion’s professional leadership team is unchanged. Timothy Malooly, CID, CIC, CLIA, PLT and EPA WaterSense Partner of the Year, remains president; Craig Otto, CIC, CID, CLIA, CWCM and EPA WaterSense Partner, continues as water resource consultant; Caty Kakos Johnson, CLIA and EPA WaterSense Partner, remains design manager; Al Beveir, BS, remains technologies systems manager, and; Jerry Anfang ASET, CWM, PLT, remains applied technologies, water manager.

The firm and its principals have won multiple awards from the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association, the Irrigation Association, the US Green Building Council and other organizations.