Irrigation Foundation launches career pathways online

The Irrigation Foundation launched an irrigation career pathways portion of its website. The site will be especially helpful for high school and college students trying to navigate their future career paths. They can browse the website and explore all of the career opportunities that the irrigation industry has to offer.

The career opportunities site is split into agriculture career pathways and landscape career pathways. Both landscape and agriculture irrigation careers have many different industry sectors to explore, including consulting, manufacturing and contracting. Each job position includes a brief career description, education requirements, responsibilities and compensation data. On both the agriculture and landscape career pathway home pages, a career ladder is available for students to see the progression of each position.

The Foundation also produced two brochures, one for agriculture and one for landscape, to promote irrigation careers and the career pathways website. It is a great resource for instructors to use to encourage irrigation careers and show the multitude of opportunities that the irrigation industry has to offer.

View the irrigation career pathways and learn more about irrigation and water management opportunities at