Irrigation Professionals showcase efficient landscape technologies to the Colorado legislature

The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, in partnership with the Irrigation Association (IA), recently hosted Landscape Irrigation Day at the Colorado State Capitol. Surrounded by irrigation technologies, ALCC’s Executive Director Kristen Fefes and IA’s Government and Public Affairs Director John Farner spoke to members of the Colorado Legislature about the important role efficient landscape irrigation plays in a sustainable water management plan.

Governor Hickenlooper released the Colorado Water Plan in November of 2015. In this plan, both the ALCC and the IA are named as partners with the Colorado state government in promoting efficient landscape irrigation technologies and services, as well as educating the workforce, general public, legislators and regulators about the latest technologies and best management practices to promote conservation through efficiency.

After the presentations from Fefes and Farner, members were treated to lunch and “hands-on” demonstrations of different irrigation technologies that are in the market today. Closing out the presentation period, Colorado Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, who chairs the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, said that though he is familiar with different agricultural irrigation technologies that are currently being used by farmers throughout Colorado, he had no idea so many cutting edge technologies were available for landscape irrigation.