Rain Bird Services Corporation has just released the dates and locations of Rain Bird Academy's 2009-2010 training event schedule.

Irrigation training season is here

Rain Bird Services Corporation has just released the dates and locations of Rain Bird Academy’s 2009-2010 training event schedule. Designed to improve technical skills, business strategies and profitability, these training events have something to offer just about anyone who wants to learn more about irrigation–including contractors at all skill levels, from beginners to veterans.

Installing and maintaining irrigation systems is a great way for landscape contractors who are currently not offering irrigation to increase their revenues by offering another valuable service to their clients. According to Robert Pfeil, training services manager for Rain Bird Services Corporation, Rain Bird Academy can help contractors new to irrigation quickly augment their skill sets.

“Our training events offer a one-week solution for those landscape contractors not currently offering irrigation services,” Pfeil explained. “After attending just one of our five-day Professional Irrigation Training Camps, contractors can walk away with the basic irrigation knowledge to start installing residential irrigation systems.” 
More experienced irrigation contractors can also benefit from Rain Bird Academy events by using them as a training resource for new employees. Rain Bird Academy irrigation training can also help veteran contractors align their practices for greater consistency while also staying up-to-date on the latest technology and best practices–no matter what type of irrigation systems they install and maintain.
“Our training opportunities are not just for people who work with Rain Bird systems,” Pfeil added. “Most of our classes discuss design, installation and maintenance techniques that can apply to any Rain Bird or non-Rain Bird irrigation system.”
Contractors interested in attending Rain Bird’s prescheduled events can choose from two options: Professional Irrigation Training Camps (PITC) and Regional Training Camps (RITC). Regional Training Camps feature select courses at more than 50 sites across the United States, making it easier for contractors to fit training events into their busy schedules. The larger Professional Irrigation Training Camps feature 35 courses about the latest products, installation methods and design practices spread over a period of five days, with select courses offered in Spanish, giving attendees the opportunity to truly customize their training experiences.
Rain Bird Academy’s Professional and Regional Training Camps have helped thousands of contractors expand their skills and increase their marketability. To find an event near you, register for an event or to learn more about the Rain Bird Academy training camps available throughout the United States and internationally, visit www.rainbird.com/training or call 1-800-498-1942.