IrriGreen, Inc. demonstrates IrriGreen Genius at Irrigation Show

IrriGreen, Inc. demonstrated the IrriGreen Genius irrigation system at the Irrigation Show, November 11-12 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Long Beach, Calif.

The IrriGreen system utilizes digital technology and multi-stream nozzle design adapted from high-tech, commercial inkjet printers. IrriGreen reduces water use for lawn irrigation by up to 50 percent and cuts contractor installation time by up to 70 percent.

“Contractors save labor installing IrriGreen,” said Gary Klinefelter, founder and chief executive officer, IrriGreen, Inc. “Instead of rows of four to eight sprinkler heads positioned all around the outside of each zone and all connected with lateral lines, IrriGreen installs with just one head in the middle of each zone and no lateral lines.”

“With IrriGreen, installers configure zones and set the heads all in one step right on their Smartphone using the Genius Mobile App,” said Bobby Jensen, sales director, IrriGreen, Inc. “IrriGreen automatically calculates spray distances, sets the mapping points, and digitally controls the watering patterns to match the exact shape of the lawn.”

Just as inkjet printers spray ink in controlled patterns on a page, IrriGreen Genius Sprinklers “print” water in precise patterns. Eliminating inefficient overlapping sprays and overspraying onto hardscapes, IrriGreen reduces water use by as much as 50 percent.

Attendees at the Irrigation Show were able to watch IrriGreen in action and see how the system adjusts its multi-volume sprays to conform to every curve, angle and corner of the lawn.