The Irritrol 100-S Series Century Plus Scrubber Valves can withstand the harshest chemicals and dirtiest water, while delivering consistently outstanding performance. The extremely durable construction and patented continuous scrubbing turbine keep the valve interior clean and functional for reliable performance.

The 100-S Series Century Plus Scrubber Valves are based on the proven and durable 100 Series Century Plus valves, known for rugged construction and premium performance.

At the heart of the new 100-S Series Century Plus Scrubber Valves is a turbine that is continuously scrubbing and actively cleaning the metering device to ensure consistent valve operation. Competitive scrubber valves typically clean only upon start-up and shut-down, but the Irritrol Scrubber Valves clean continually. After all, dirt, algae, chlorines, chloramines and water treated with ozone never sleep.

“Our goal was to deliver the most consistently reliable scrubber valve possible to provide the productivity Irritrol is known for,” said Alexis Bookman, product manager for Irritrol. “In dirty water, contaminants are always present, so we feel the best way to prevent clogging and ensure dependable performance is to have the 100-S Series Century Plus Scrubber Valves clean continuously. That non-stop cleaning, along with their durable components, allows them to deliver performance users can depend on.”

The Scrubber Valves are constructed of extremely durable materials, such as heavy-duty, glass-reinforced nylon; stainless steel; brass and Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer (EPDM) rubber materials.

The fabric-reinforced EPDM diaphragm and EPDM seat are designed to withstand the harshest chemicals found in dirty water systems, and internally molded studs provide a sure bonnet attachment.

The valves are now available in 1” and 1.5” models, as well as the 2” and 3” models already offered, making this hard-working valve versatile enough for large or small irrigation jobs. The scrubbing device is completely serviceable and can be retrofit into other 100 Series Century Plus valves.

The valves’ 220-psi pressure rating prevents system damage in high-pressure installations. The new valves also accept OmniReg® modular pressure regulators, further ensuring consistent performance. Maintenance is easy, since all parts are readily accessible without removing the valve from the system.

The 100-S Series Century Plus Scrubber Valves have a flow range of 5 to 300 gpm and a pressure range of 10 to 200 psi. Flow control on each valve allows precise flow adjustment and manual shutoff, and all models have brass flow control stems.