“The H-2B cap will be raised; the economy will begin to show signs of improvement; and consumers everywhere will continue to recognize the environmental, aesthetic, and economical benefits of maintaining their lawns, landscapes, and community green spaces,” said Jason Cupp, CLP, president of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), discussing his boldest predictions for 2009.

Bob Scott, president of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants (ASIC), said the key to developing business in this economy is for all partners in the green industry to work together as professionals in the interest of the client, and as a support system for one another. “Contractors should ensure that the client is aware of all manufacturer warranties,” said Scott. “Irrigation distributors and consultants can work closer together to accomplish system goals. Those are just a couple of examples.”

In the Landscape and Irrigation Industry Outlook 2009, Cupp and Scott discussed their boldest predictions and the biggest challenges for their industries, as well as the successes of each market and how the new Presidential administration will impact landscape and irrigation professionals.

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Editor’s Note: Stephen Smith, president of the Irrigation Association, will share his outlook for 2009 in the February issue of Landscape and Irrigation.