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On August 5, Jeffrey Scott and John Rennels will present, “The Building Blocks of Growth,” a free Webinar for lawn and landscape contractors.

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Learn how a Kentucky contractor is recruiting and developing leaders, and using his whole team to execute on many innovative techniques, in order to grow to $500,000; and learn how he is putting in building blocks to take his company to $1 million and beyond.

You will learn how he:

Gets his whole team involved.
Recruits and develops leaders, and grooms intensely loyal employees.
Uses open book management for mentoring foreman and managers.
Increases productivity and reduces paperwork.
Doubled growth (with innovative marketing, sales and service) while managing cashflow.
Grew his own take home pay, and what that required.
Uses a “Peer Group” to steer him towards profitable growth.

For companies under $1million, and those who are larger and want healthier growth!

Presented by:

JEFFREY SCOTT, author, speaker and landscape business consultant. He facilitates peer groups for landscape professionals who want to transform and profitably grow their business. www.GetTheLeadersEdge.com

JOHN RENNELS, owner and operator of www.apluslawnlandscape.com in Lawrenceburg, KY. John is a member of Jeffrey Scott’s “Leader’s Edge” peer group; he will share how this group helped him put the building blocks in place needed to grow a strong healthy company.

Date: Thursday, August 5th
Time: 2:00 pm Eastern, 1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am  Pacific
Length: 60 minutes.
Cost: Free.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at: