Jenny Products offers duplex compressors

Jenny Products recently announced its complete line of single- and 2-stage duplex compressors. Each unit is equipped with 2 pumps and 2 electric motors, which can be operated separately or at the same time. This allows the second pump to serve as a back-up or complement the first pump in order to accommodate greater air flow needs.

The duplex compressors are powered by industrial-duty electric motors and come with ASME-certified air tanks. Single-stage models are available with 60- and 80-gallon tanks and provide 19.6 to 55.6 cfm at 125 psi. Two-stage models are offered with 120- and 240-gallon capacities and produce 36.6 to 214 cfm at 175 psi.

Multiple standard features are included to maximize service life. For instance, a directional air shroud and large flywheel keep pump temperatures low. Furthermore, Jenny’s professional-duty “Ultimate Blue” synthetic pump oil protects the units’ pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders through a splash lubrication system.

Additional items have been built into the compressors to prevent damage from harsh jobsite conditions. These include protectively mounted fittings and heavy-duty, totally enclosed belt guards. Other standard features include a tank gauge, alternator, magnetic starter, large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements, auto start/stop control, thermal overload protection and special unloading valves.

Options include an oil sight glass, dryer, aftercooler, lubricator, air line filter, circuit control transformer and low oil-level switch. Dual control, constant run and automatic tank drain features are also available. Furthermore, tanks are offered with ASME National Board certification and in a vertical configuration. Customizable pressure ratings are available upon request.

Jenny Products, Inc.