John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III wide-area mowers now FT4 compliant

John Deere announced updates to the 1600 Turbo Series III wide-area mowers, including the addition of a Final Tier 4 (FT4)-compliant engine. Built on decades of John Deere engine experience, the 1600 Turbo Series III mowers offer operators a powerful and efficient machine ideal for tackling large areas and hills. In addition to the engine upgrades, the 1600 Series III mowers include a variety of features designed to increase operator comfort and improve performance, reliability and serviceability.

The updated 1600 Series III mower FT4-compliant, liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engines have been optimized to maintain a high level of performance, efficiency and serviceability. The power has been boosted to PS 60 hp. at 3,000 rpm to further improve performance.

“Customers desire a machine that combines power and comfort, helping them be more productive and profitable on the job,” says Ruben Peña, product manager, John Deere. “The updated 1600 Series III wide-area mowers offer just that – the power operators need with fuel economy cost benefits of a FT4 engine. Additionally, while updating our wide-area mower offering, we strived to improve comfort and serviceability to provide the ultimate mowing machine.”

Built with the operator in mind, the new standard air-ride seat on the 1600 Turbo Series III wide-area mowers maximizes comfort, especially important for long days of operation. The high seat back features softer, body-contoured seat cushions, standard armrests, and multiple color-coded, easy-to-use controls for quick seat adjustment to further boost operator comfort. Additionally, seat suspension reliability has been improved.

The new heavy-duty rear bumper is designed to easily swing out of the away to allow the hood to be opened for service without using tools. The bumper is removed from the hood to better protect it, and the cooling package seals from damage.  Installed with quick-release latches, the bumper is securely in place when in the operating position. Additionally, the rear frame has been strengthened to support the new bumper.

The updated 1600 Turbo Series III wide-area mowers include the same features customers loved in previous models. Each mower is equipped with a 62-inch (157.5-centimeter) center deck and two 42-inch (106.7-centimeter) wing decks, all of which are rear discharged. On-demand or full-time four-wheel drive (4WD) provides a heavy-duty drive system for optimum performance, reliability and long life. In the machine, the color-coded controls are easy for the operator to locate and use. Compatible with Service Advisor and equipped with warning indicator lights, gauges, and diagnostic information, this machine can be kept operating at peak performance.