John Deere Landscapes introduced its new LESCO Z-Two spreader/sprayer, now available for pre-order.

The Z-Two Spreader/Sprayer contains a 19-hp., high-performance Kawasaki engine, appropriate for any tough application. Granular and liquid products can be applied in a single pass with the agility of zero-turn control, ultimately optimizing productivity on the jobsite.

The unit features ergonomic controls, an extra-wide stance for stability and high ground clearance. The Z-Two comes complete with a 40-gallon liquid application tank and hand-held wand for spot spraying. The unique wand is an 82-inch, five-nozzle, electric solenoid boom that operates left, right, center or in all directions. The unit also features a 125-lb. LESCO electric spreader with remote-actuated gate and side deflector.

The design of the spreader and boom on a standard 2-inch hitch assembly allows the operator to move the spreader from the rear to the front, add an additional spreader to the front, or remove and attach the spreader and/or boom to a utility vehicle or truck.

Additionally, the Z-Two Spreader/Sprayer comes with a carrying tray for additional granular storage. And an optional 15-gallon spot sprayer can be installed as well.

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