The JRB grapple bucket/rake by Paladin Construction Group attaches to wheel loaders to efficiently transport materials in construction debris, land clearing, trash handling and scrap applications. Its unique “C” shaped radial design allows unwanted small debris to drop out through the bottom shell, eliminating excess material weight in each truckload.

For added load security, the JRB grapple bucket/rake utilizes multi-line grapples equipped with both horizontal and vertical bars that hold materials firmly in place. Optional sidebars are also available to increase material retention. To better support and transport uneven loads, the dual hydraulic cylinders allow the left and right grapple arms to move independently.  

The JRB grapple bucket/rake is available in five models, ranging in size from 2.25 cubic yards to 6 cubic yards with maximum openings ranging from 75 inches to 120 inches. It is available as a pin-on attachment, and is also compatible with JRB’s Quick Coupler System.

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