Juniper Systems announced the shipment of IntuiTrace irrigation mapping software.

Juniper Systems IntuiTrace irrigation mapping software

Juniper Systems announced the shipment of IntuiTrace irrigation mapping software. After successful development and extensive testing, IntuiTrace is officially released and available for order. IntuiTrace is a state of the art mobile irrigation mapping tool designed to produce as-built documentation specifically for landscape installation and maintenance contractors.

IntuiTrace generates and stores accurate graphical as-built documentation by using advanced GIS and GPS technology, creating new revenue opportunities and providing substantial cost savings for landscape professionals. In addition to its economic advantages, IntuiTrace also features a simple, easy-to-use interface that proves valuable for large and diverse landscape crews. “IntuiTrace brings high tech innovation to the landscape industry, but still incorporates a flexible and simple user interface. We designed this software so everyone can use it, not just GIS and technology experts,” said Jim Benson, Public Works Market Manager at Juniper Systems.

Designed specifically for use on a rugged handheld computer, IntuiTrace is compatible with the Juniper Systems Mesa Geo Rugged Notepad and Archer XF101. The Mesa Geo features a fully integrated 2–5 meter accuracy GPS receiver, digital camera, 16 hour battery runtime, and Windows Mobile® operating system. All Juniper Systems handhelds are built to IP67 standards to be waterproof and dustproof.

Detailed information on IntuiTrace irrigation mapping software, as well as a video demonstration, can be found at Juniper Systems seeks to establish strong relationships with companies that offer total solutions to industries with mobile computing needs. Information about becoming a Juniper System Business Partner can be found online at