Kawasaki’s “Well Oiled Rebate” promotion offers up to $20 back

Kawasaki Engines Division launched its largest-ever national promotion targeted at increasing consumer traffic against its proprietary line of KTECH 4 and 2-cycle engine oils. The “Well Oiled Rebate” promotion is effective through Oct. 20 of this year, and offers consumers up to $20 back with a qualified retail purchase.

The promotion is designed to generate sales of Kawasaki Genuine Parts and is supported by a national online advertising effort and coordinated point-of-sale. Ads will link to www.ktechrebate.com for information about eligible products and to redeem online. Materials are provided in both English and Spanish language versions.

“This is a total no-cost promotion for our dealers,” said Tiffany Young, Kawasaki’s marketing manager. “Our objective is to highlight a key component of our dealers’ ongoing business, while incentivizing consumer participation with a significant rebate,” she said. Program elements are provided to dealers at no charge.

Young pointed out three separate consumer participation levels. Purchasers receive a $10 rebate following the purchase of just two quarts of 4-cycle KTECH engine oil and oil filter, a $15 rebate after purchasing one case of 4-cycle KTECH oil, and a $20 rebate after buying one case of 2-cycle KTECH engine oil. There is a limit of two rebates per person.

All rebates are issued as either e-gift cards or as a check. The consumer can request either Amazon.com or Cabela’s e-gift cards. Those claiming the rebate in check form can even select between e-mail delivery or a check sent through standard mail.

The registration process is also simple: after a qualifying purchase, the consumer texts “KTECH” and receives a return text with a link to fill-in contact data and upload a photo of the purchase receipt. Buyers can also visit www.ktechrebate.com or mail-in a rebate form available at Kawasaki dealers. Forms must be postmarked by Nov. 5, 2018 for eligibility.